Hey I'm Stephanie, it's so nice to meet you!

I'm an unconventional coach who desires sexual freedom, deeper connection, and real education about sex in the world. My mission is to help you feel free to express yourself sexually and infuse pleasure into every part of your life, in fact I believe it's the only way to live.



My Story

I was starving sexually and had no idea how to describe my sexual desires.  I didn’t know why I felt shut down, shame, and embarrassment to ask for what I wanted.  I felt like I could never get out of my head enough to actually enjoy the moment. Grrrr frustration all over the place.

The turning point for me was learning different types of touch, learning what turns me on and off, and learning my erotic type.  I discovered practices that allow my turn ons and my partner’s turn ons to come together in juicy fun ways.

Now I am fed!  I know what turns me on, and I feel safe, turned on, and empowered in both surrendering and asking for what I want.  I feel seen, I feel alive, and am experiencing epic pleasure!



Stephanie & random facts

  • I have a major travel bug and have lived in: London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City, Juneau, and St. Thomas
  • Orgasmic Meditation is a part of my everyday life
  • I can have an orgasm without even being touched
  • I'm happily sexually fluid
  • I am a vegan and macrobiotic enthusiast
  • I am a Mastery graduate from Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts