Discover The Secret Code To Mindblowing Erotic Bliss

Are you ready to map out your entire Erotic Blueprint™ & get ecstatic orgasms and deeper intimate connection?!
(8 Week Group Course Starting February 16th)

I’m Stephanie, a Sacred Sex & Relationship Coach specialized in the Erotic Blueprints™ & Goddess Activation.

In this 8 week course you will join an intimate sisterhood on a Sensually Attuned Journey to experience a new ritual each week to learn the exact way you are wired for pleasure, heal from emotional baggage or trauma that is blocking your intimacy, communicate in a clear conscious way, and expand into pathways to more pleasure.

STARTING FEBRUARY 16TH! We meet each week on Wednesdays at 5:30pm (PST) for 1 hour sessions. (Recorded in case you need to miss one & available to watch for 1 week after class)

Why Is This Important?

♥ Erase your stressors, judgements, and miscommunications

♥ Uncover your unique erotic language

Start feeling more sensation than you ever thought possible

♥ Experience new types orgasms, discover the much deeper, rolling, full body pleasure available to you.

♥ Tap into conscious communication where you are heard, seen & honored for your truth.

♥ You will get out of your head and into your body, which allows you to surrender and experience orgasm with a partner.

♥ You will heal erotic blocks that have been blocking you from pleasure and connection in your love life

♥ Stop toxic repeating patterns in your love life

What you'll learn

Week 1: Orgasmic orientation

Week 2: Your Core Erotic Blueprint™ Archetype

Week 3: Experiencing pleasure in your Erotic Blueprint™

Week 4: Feeding your eroticism

Week 5: Conscious sexy communication

Week 6: Healing erotic blocks

Week 7: Expanding your pleasure zone

Week 8: Hot sex for a lifetime

What you'll get

♥ Crystal Yoni Egg

♥ Healing Erotic Blocks Meditation

♥ 60 minute live sessions each week for 8 weeks

♥ Homework rituals each week

♥ Access to a private Facebook group with all the women from 8 Week Erotic Blueprint™ Exploration to connect and digest throughout your growth proces

Investment Options

Full Orgasm (Includes:
Goddess Gift Box)

Client Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you offer this again? Yes, I offer this journey 2 times per year, however course content and pricing are subject to change.

How much time per week will this course require?  Each class is one hour, plus homework.  Each week will include special rituals and practices to continuing increases your pleasure and healing process.

What if I need to miss a class?  Classes are recorded and will be available to watch for one week after each class.

Investment Options

Full Orgasm


Goddess Gift Box)