Embrace Your Inner Goddess, Become Fully Embodied, Heal Sexual Trauma, & Orgasmically Manifest Your Desires

(6 Week Group Course Starting January 7th)

I’m Stephanie, a Sacred Sex & Relationship Coach specialized in the Erotic Blueprints™ & Goddess Activation.

In this 6 week course you will join an intimate sisterhood on a Sensually Attuned Journey to experience a new ritual each week to heal emotional baggage, release trauma somatically, to transmute anger, rage, and grief, and to orgasmically manifest your desires.

STARTING JANUARY 7TH! We meet each week on Sundays at 3:00pm (PST) for 1.5 hour sessions. (Recorded in case you need to miss one and can’t attend live)

Why Is This Important?

♥ You will melt open your heart to magnetize in and connect more with your partner.

♥ You will deeply heal & release trauma that you have been holding onto for days, months, or years.

♥ You will start feeling more sensation than you ever thought possible in your whole body and specifically in your yoni.

♥ This increased sensation will allow you to experience G Spot and cervical orgasms, which are much deeper, rolling, full body and transcendent than clitoral orgasms. (And YES all women can experience these!)

♥ This increased sensation also allows you to become embodied in your communication, and being able to really tap into and listen to your intuition.

♥ You will get out of your head and into your body, which allows you to surrender and experience orgasm with a partner. 

♥ You will grieve and rage with your sisters as we process all that we are releasing, and learn new tools to process these emotions in your life.

♥ You will tap into your pleasure, and be able to access it whenever you want to manifest your desires.

What you'll learn

Week 1: Breath, Sound, and Movement Ritual

Week 2: Sensual Breast Massage and Energetic Touch Ritual

Week 3: Yoni Massage and Loving Self Touch Ritual

Week 4: Crystal Wand Yoni De-Armoring Ritual

Week 5: Ritual To Transmute Anger, Rage, and Grief

Week 6: Sex Magick Ritual For Orgasmic Manifestation

What you'll get

♥ Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Wand included ($79.99 Value)

90 minute live sessions each week for 6 weeks

♥ Homework rituals each week 

♥ Access to a private message group with all the women from IYFFM to connect and digest throughout your growth process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you offer this again? Yes, I offer this journey once a year

How much time per week will this course require?  Each class is 90 minutes, and homework will be about 30 minutes per day.  Each ritual we do is a practice and the more often you practice the more you will get out of it.

What if I need to miss a class?  Classes are recorded and will be available to watch for one week after each class.

Investment Options