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Explore your desire, put your pleasure first, live your truth. I’ll help you get there.

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I’m Stephanie, Queen of putting pleasure first, specialized in the Erotic Blueprints™ & Goddess Activation. I help conscious couples and heart centered singles have EXQUISITE SEX and DEEP INTIMACY through discovering their Erotic Blueprint, doing their Shadow Work, and Uncovering their truest desires.

6 years ago my life was in shambles after getting divorced and getting kicked out of London. After I healed myself by falling in love with my yoni, dancing my grief and rage, ditching my victim, and discovering my Erotic Blueprint™, I made it my mission to infuse the power of life force energy (which is sexual energy) into all who were sick of repeating relationship patterns and also dying to have the most magnetic and connected love lives of their dreams. 

I’m obsessed with incorporating all types of healing into my work including crystals, goddess activation, meditation, dancing, rituals, shadow work, communication embodiment, sex magick, and the power of putting pleasure first.

I help women become embodied by increasing the sensations they can feel to experience MIND BLOWING ORGASMS and be able to listen to their body so that they can SPEAK THEIR TRUTH.

I help couples STOP BEING ROOMMATES and START BEING LOVERS by disrupting their old story, creating new pathways for vulnerable communication, and creative ways to honor each other in their specific sex language.

Does this call to you?

Before I started coaching with Stephanie I didn’t feel seen and I didn’t know what I desired.

My relationship was good, but I knew I wanted to push my boundaries and that there was more out there for me to discover.

The turning point for me was learning my Erotic Blueprint and my partner’s. I realized we’re not the same and realized there are different ways people receive pleasure. The major needle mover for me was learning to “speak the blueprints” and learning to communicate in my partner’s unique language.

Now I understand my partner on a deeper level because I know the way he likes to communicate, to be heard and spoken to – AND vice versa. I feel more connected and I am seen and honored for my desires!


I was feeling scared that I was going to get married to someone who the sex was already fading with. What did that mean it was going to be like in 10 years from now? I didn’t want to be that couple that hadn’t had sex in 6 months and end up being an un-loyal husband. I knew I needed to have something more. I had all the other aspects of relationship with her but the sex piece was missing.

The major needle mover for me was the overall mindset shift I experienced through signing up for coaching. I started noticing outside the box ways that I could connect with her on new levels. Brainstorming during sessions helped me with new ideas and I opened up to my partner more little by little.

Now I am at a place where I feel like I can share my desires with her. We have REALLY explored together, and we incorporate physical touch into the everyday. We support each other and are in touch with each other’s needs. Our communication has completely opened up and we can say anything to each other knowing that it will be received with love. And our sex life, wow, through the roof, exploring new realms I never imagined she would be open to!


Before I was feeling very lost and anxious. I felt chaos surrounding me, and felt extremely guilty about focusing on my pleasure.

The major needle movers for me were learning the Blueprints first and foremost, and then the tools of putting pleasure first, breath-work, and the healing meditation – which was a game changer.

Now I am feeling relaxed, more present, expanded, and like it is just the beginning of so much more.


At the beginning I was feeling urgency that I needed to jump into sex right away. Based on expectations and cultural norms I thought something was wrong if we weren’t getting down quickly. I was pressuring myself to make significant shifts fast.

While completing the program I learned about the 5 phases of sexuality. I realized I needed to go through Healing and Resting phases, and that I was basically in denial that there was still a lot that I needed to process from my past.

Now, I’m holding my masculine energy, I’m present, and I have full acceptance with where I’m at on my journey.


Before Stephanie’s coaching program I felt desperate, confused, exhausted, and not in a good place emotionally. My husband and I were having issues and I thought I would take this class to help us as a couple. Turns out, it helped me more than anything.

My needle mover in this whole process was when I realized I needed to start listening to MY wants and needs and not give them up for my partner. This came up for me when we learned about all the Blueprints. For the most part I knew what I liked, but now I know even more, which will only help me out in the future.

A lot has happened in my life in the last 8 weeks of this class. I got let go from my job, started a new job, and then moved out of my apartment to an apartment by myself, because my husband and I are separating for a bit. It was a lot of huge changes to my life and this class helped me move forward.

Exploring all of the Blueprints showed me how to take care of what I need and want, not only sexually, but emotionally. I am also (slowly) learning to accept myself as I am in my current position and I feel like I am finally learning what I want out of life in general.

Now I am focusing on what I want, what I need, and how to love myself through self discovery. I am going to explore things that I have not gotten to before in many aspects, especially sexually. I still have a little bug in the back of my mind about wanting to explore women, so now I have the chance to do so! I am excited for all the possibilities that are now open to me!


Before I was feeling very sexually charged and feeling ready to experiment. I desperately wanted a deeper Tantric type connection. I wanted to get back to enjoying my sexual freedom and my ‘fucking for fun’ lifestyle.

The major turning points were learning my Erotic Blueprint, doing the shadow meditations, and seeing myself in a different light, which gave me a completely different view of the the relationship I was in (which I have ended.)

My motto now is ‘be where you are’, in a healing/resting phase, with very low interest in sex or sexual activities. I’m feeling the need to dig deeper into self love. I’m still wanting a deep Tantric style relationship, but I’m more aware of some of the barriers that are keeping me from attracting that type of person into my life.


Hey I'm Stephanie, it's so nice to meet you! My mission is to help you learn to find freedom to express yourself and infuse pleasure into every part of your life, in fact I believe it's the only way to live.

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