What is an Erotic Blueprint™?

Your Erotic Blueprint™ is basically your whole erotic personality. It is made up of three components including your erotic type, your sexual state, and your obstacles to sexual health and pleasure.

Let’s go a little deeper into each part of the blueprint.

What are the Erotic Types?

Energetic: Turned on by anticipation, space and tease, and prefers light or hovering touch.

Sensual: Turned on by all of their senses being engaged, ambiance, romance, and sensory play.

Sexual: Turned on by straightforward sex, nudity, orgasms, penetration and direct genital contact.

Kinky: Turned on by power dynamics, anything that feels taboo to them, and pushing edges.

Shapeshifter: Turned on by everything above, they are sexually sophisticated and desire variety.

What are the sexual states?

Resting: You are not having sex currently for various different reasons.

Healing: You are healing emotionally or physically.

Curious: You want to learn more about your sexuality and how you can make it

Adventurous: You like to explore your sexuality by stepping outside of the box.
You aren’t afraid to try new things.

Transformational: You are interested in experiencing the “more” to sexuality being transformational sex or sacred sexuality.

What are the obstacles to sexual health and pleasure?

Physical: Physical body health and flexibility.

Chemical: Physical chemistry like hormones, and sexual chemistry.

Emotional: Personal psychology and relationship history.

Energetic: Sensitivity to energy around you and polarity.

In coaching with me we are going to identify your unique erotic map. We will discover what your blueprint needs for satisfaction and pleasure. I will help you dive deep into your entire blueprint so that you can feed yourself a healthy diet of pleasure and communicate to your partner to be fed by them as well.

You can sign up here for a FREE Passionate Possibilities Consultation with me, and we can decide if coaching is the right fit for you.

AND if you’d love to get started right now, take this FREE QUIZ to get you on track to discovering what your Erotic Type is.

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