Coaching By Stephanie
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Explore your desire, live your truth.

I help clients activate their deepest erotic and sensual wisdom, allowing them to be free in the expression of their desires, and the reception of their own intrinsic divinity. 

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erotic blueprints™ 

Work With Me

I am on a mission to infuse more passion and pleasure into your life.  I offer one-on-one coaching designed to discover desires, to heal, and to empower connection within a beautiful container for you to explore.

Client Results

Before I started coaching with Stephanie I didn't feel seen and I didn't know what I desired. 

My relationship was good, but I knew I wanted to push my boundaries and that there was more out there for me to discover.

The turning point for me was learning my Erotic Blueprint and my partner's.  I realized we're not the same and realized there are different ways people receive pleasure. The major needle mover for me was learning to "speak the blueprints" and learning to communicate in my partner's unique language.

Now I understand my partner on a deeper level because I know the way he likes to communicate, to be heard and spoken to - AND vice versa.  I feel more connected and I am seen and honored for my desires!



Before I was feeling very lost and anxious. I felt chaos surrounding me, and felt extremely guilty about focusing on my pleasure. 

The major needle movers for me were learning the Blueprints first and foremost, and then the tools of putting pleasure first, breath-work, and the healing meditation - which was a game changer. 

Now I am feeling relaxed, more present, expanded, and like it is just the beginning of so much more.